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The Low Sugar Choice That Tastes Fantastic

Gourmet guru sauces are the perfect partner for with fruit to make deserts and snacks that impress! There are so many uses for our sauces the possibilities are endless!

Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Our guilt free chocolate sauce is most commonly paired with strawberries and can be found in your local produce section. However, you can pair this delectable sauce with your favourite ice cream or drizzle over pancakes.

Lemon and Passionfruit Sauce

Lemon and Passionfruit is a great addition to our Chocolate Sauce. It pair’s beautifully with meringues, baking and a great selection of fruits.

Sugar Comparison

Quantities per 100g

1. Gourmet Guru Chocolate
2. Gourmet Guru Lemon and Passionfruit
3. Regular sweet sauces 35g to 65g*
4. Regular chocolate sauces 45g to 70g*

*Dependent on brand.

Serving Suggestions

Take a peek and gain some mouthwatering inspiration for what you can do with our sauces.

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Available at These Leading Retailers

You will find Gourmet Guru dipping sauces in your produce section alongside berries to pair our sauces with, at your local berry farms, at fruit and vege stores or even at roadside fruit stalls.  If you can’t find our sauce please let the produce department of your favourite retailer know.